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Krystal Baugher. I had been on OkCupid for over a year when I said to my friend—who I had actually met from the website—that it would be fantastic if I could rate my dates, like a yelp for dating. But, someone else had the same thought and instead of pushing the idea aside, went through with it—all the way. Women, meet Lulu. Women join through their Facebook accounts to confirm they are indeed of the female gender and are able to rate men who also have Facebook accounts and have downloaded the app. First they ask how you know the person , is he an ex?

What’s He Really Like? Check the Lulu App

Alexandra Chong wants to help straight women with their love lives by having them rate the men they already know. So she created Lulu , an app that allows users to leave reviews of the men in their lives and search a database for reviews of other men. Lulu’s FAQ section explains just why the creators believe the app is useful:.

Lulu, the controversial dating app that lets women rate men, has launched in the UK. Critics have slammed it as sexist – and that’s what Daisy.

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From Tinder to Lulu: A Guide to the Modern World of Dating Apps

By Daisy Buchanan. What would happen if someone compiled a public profile documenting this, a dating dossier that I had no control over? It might be an account of the time that I cheated, a litany of everything I have ever been late for, the total amount of money that has been spent paying off exasperated taxi drivers who delivered me drunk and vomiting.

But if I wanted to list my problems with my former partners, I could do so using dating app Lulu. The free app has just launched in the UK, following success in the US it had over , users after two months, and a 60 per cent retention rate. Simply, it allows women to anonymously comment on the men they know and have dated.

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Or a safe online haven where women can vent about men, hopefully improving them in the process? Opinions are divided on Lulu, a controversial girls-only app that lets women anonymously dish on dates and other men among their Facebook friends, rating them on everything from sexual prowess to body odour — often without the subject of their critique aware that they have a Lulu profile with their Facebook photo and other details made public. Vancouver photographer Kris Krug only heard about his appearance on Lulu when women friends tipped him off.

One thought his rating, in which women choose from a menu of hashtags to describe men and included such bon mots as CharmedMyPantsOff, AlwaysHappy, CallsOnTime was flattering. Krug said he can see it being couched in terms of girls helping girls and sticking together and in some cases it can be helpful. Even adding one guy to the mix changed the tenor of the conversation and the willingness of women to share.

Not everyone finds it funny. A Brazilian man sued Lulu over a negative review, in which he was rated a 7. Lulu has issued new terms of service conditions applicable to Brazilian users only in which it says users must obtain permission from individuals before posting their photos, pictures, names and other personal information.

The controversy could be calculated. Imagine if it were rating women, or rating parents. Whether or not pegging such descriptions as LiarLiarPantsOnFire, CampusCreeper, or HygenicallyChallenged could be construed as defamatory is a question a court would have to decide if an aggrieved Lulu profile subject decided to sue. This website uses cookies to personalize your content including ads , and allows us to analyze our traffic. Read more about cookies here.

Lulu App Lets Women Review Men Like Restaurants

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Like other dating sites, the new phone-based dating apps are their own individual world, with their own subtle rules and social mores. Whether.

Online dating giant Badoo has just acquired the controversial male-rating app Lulu. Lulu was founded back in , and made headlines by allowing its female users to rate the looks, ambition, manners and sexual performance of men. Created by Canadian-born Alexandra Chong, the app was a female-only community platform designed to make dating safer for women, by letting them share information, rate men and chat about dating and sex. And now London-based dating giant Badoo, founded by Andrey Andreev in , has acquired the app for an undisclosed amount.

Badoo, is a natural fit for the Lulu community. In joining forces with the Badoo family, Lulu girls and guys will have the ultimate dating experience. And with this deal, Lulu has had a complete revamp — something noticed by Engadget in January — completely replacing its former male-rating focus, and turning it into more of a straightforward dating app.

Badoo Acquires Controversial Male-Rating App Lulu

Skip navigation! Story from Politics. Photo: Courtesy of Bek Andersen. And, here is where things, for me, get a bit morally iffy:. Then you get to answer a series of multiple choice questions, mostly about his manners, looks, physical chemistry, and commitment level.

Lulu Jr Help – Where we answer questions. Please note that the Online Creation Tool is no longer in use and is not a My kit has an expiration date. Can I still.

In what seems to be the app idea that refuses to die, there is — yet another — app for rating and reviewing people. This one, however, is limited to people who use dating apps and websites. A new app called Stroovy aims to help users vet the people they meet on dating sites by reading and writing reviews based on their experience. The idea is similar to Lulu , the app that began as a way for women to rate and review men they dated.

Lulu transitioned to a more conventional dating app earlier this year. But, unlike Lulu’s reviews, Stroovy takes reviews from users of all genders. The app’s reviews are also not anonymous, at least not completely. A user name and avatar appears alongside each review the app also requires users sign up with their phone numbers to prevent people from making duplicate accounts. Reviews are also not limited to people who have met or gone on dates with each other — friends, coworkers and family members are also able to leave reviews for people they know.

Lulu girls only dating app: Dating intelligence or unacceptable surveillance?

The first time I heard about Lulu, I thought it was one of those hyper-feminine apps meant to help women track their menstrual cycles. A few weeks and a New York Times mention later, I finally became curious and bored enough to download this secretive iPhone app. Designed by two Canadians—Alexandra Chong and Alison Schwartz—the app’s function is simple: Lulu allows women to anonymously rate and review their male Facebook friends based on past personal experience.

Lulu, a dating app designed to help women rate and share information about the men they date, has become part of online dating giant Badoo.

Why should we not also have references when it comes to the most important thing? Lulu is often called a dating app, but it is actually a rating app. Those responses are distilled into a harshly precise numerical score. Lulu is rigidly heteronormative—only women can rate men—and it is built around a traditional gender binary. Chong has shown no interest in allowing users such freedom; Lulu is an app for straight women. Why, then, has Lulu not exploited its advantage by becoming a dating service?

With this, if you market it as a service to help women or whatever, maybe more people are comfortable using it. No one who had dated him gave him a good rating, and no one who had hooked up with him gave him a good rating.

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